Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Tale of ARCs | A Ranting Session

My lovely friends!
I know it hasn't been that long since I updated last, but I'm going insane so I'm taking a few minutes to update now before it turns into a two-week-long vacation *nervous laughter*.

So as many of you know, I've been having a ARC-Reading-Month. I've received quite a few ARCs or review requests in the past month, and have been trying to pump out the reading time and reviews as quickly as I could. It hasn't been going well in case you were wondering.

So lets have a ranting session, because those are always fun!

So to de-stress, let me share with you A Tale of ARCs!

I finally finished Starfall by R. M. Anderson last month and got the review out (though I was running behind by like two weeks), so I'm just still surprised and happy with how that turned out.
Before that though, there had been a few others that had also taken awhile and I'd been behind on as well.

Orion's Awakening by L. C. M. Joseph was by far the longest a ARC reading and review has taken me. It took me forever to find time to read it and then it took me almost another full week to find time to write the review! And the book was only 242 pages!

And now I have the third and last book in a trilogy, Guarded Crown by Addison Carmichael to read. She's a wonderful and awesome friend I made back when I first started blogging, but I sadly haven't even had the time to finish reading the first page of her ARC she sent me! And it's already October 17th!

So I'm trying to read Guarded Crown and Fire and Ice: The Lost Dreamer by Erin Forbes at the same time (it's not going all that well). The good news there, however, is that I have a physical ARC of The Lost Dreamer so I'll finish that one quickly and be able to get to all those other books (hopefully).

So some of my TBR that I mentioned in my Wrap-Ups for September... might carry into next month's TBR Lol. It's not that bad, I can renew them from my library easily enough!

I'm not upset about being behind schedule for my blog, I just feel bad for taking so long to review for these authors that are trusting me with their books and time! Am I the only one that freaks out about this?
Either way, I will probably be updating twice a week when I have the time but I'm not sure yet. I'm kinda working two jobs, preparing for college next year, and writing a novel.
I know that being super busy freaks a lot of people out, but I do okay as long as I can do the fun things that help me de-stress- such as baking or updating for you guys!

On another side note, I have made a Pinterest account for Books with Noel, here's the link.
 I do have a regular account for me, but I'll let you guys find that one on your own- it's a more personal one that will not have any posts from my blog or YouTube channel.

I've been thinking about doing those scheduled blog posts (I don't know why I call them that, Lol), the ones where I post them every Wednesday or Thursday and they always follow the same topic?
I don't know though, because I really like doing the random posts that aren't scheduled or something others have already done, y'know?

What do you guys think? Would you like to see maybe one or two on Books with Noel? Please let me know!

Thanks for bearing with me, Loves!
~Noel <3


  1. You are definitely not the only one that gets in a tizzy when the ARC pile gets huge. I've been doing better about not taking so many, but now and then I get myself into trouble and behind. I've dug out of that hole a few times and I try really hard not to dig it deep now. :)

    Sounds like you have some good ones even if they are taking a long time. I had a time in September when I couldn't settle on one or two books so read a bit from five books each day. Ugh, hate that. ;)

    Cheering you on, Noel!

    1. Aw, thanks!! I've only done a few ARCs before this and they were pretty quick...not this time Lol!

  2. I do stress out when I get behind with ARCs too, especially when you get the nice little email from the publisher saying "it's "whatever book" release day, you got a copy, be sure to post your review to your blog, GRs, Amazon, etc,.". Then I feel like a heel because I haven't even read it yet! I figure that when I post my review late, I'm generating some renewed spotlight on the book, reminding people that the book is out and good! At least that's what I tell myself, lol! Sounds like you're getting to the books in your own time, so don't beat yourself up. :)

    1. Thanks! And that makes perfect sense, sometimes people need reminding that a book is out there! :D

  3. This is one of the reasons why I don’t accept ARCs. I’d get behind and then feel horrible about it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. The feeling horrible about it is the worst part for sure.

  4. You've got this, Noel! I used to feel SUPER guilty and bad about not keeping up, but now, I try my best to keep up. If I can't make it on time, that's okay! Better late than never.

    I'm usually on time with reading the book - I'm just late with posting the review 95% of the time because I like how my post schedule is currently going, haha. And it's not, "Let's stress out and post daily just to make my Netgalley score pretty," it's more, "Whatever works with my school schedule."

    1. Oh thank you so much!! :D
      It takes me forever to find time to read the books right now because I'm crazy busy, and then I have to look at my schedule and find a day that I'll be able to do the review!

  5. I've cut way back on arc's because the pressure was making blogging feel like a job for me. I take about 2 per month now and (try to) read what I have on mys half for the rest of the books.

    I seem to be able to read on time but it's the review writing that drags me down. lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. It takes me awhile to get my thoughts in order on the book and then after I write the review I have to edit it a few times before I can publish it.