Sunday, October 7, 2018

Orion's Awakening by L. C. M. Joseph

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. *

So I have another review for you guys! I actually have several reviews I will be doing soon, which means more than one blog post each week (if I have to).

Title: Orion's Awakening

Author: L. C. M. Joseph

Genre: Sci-fi

Series: Star Magic Book One

Published: May 8th, 2018

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Synopsis: What would you do if the life you live has all been a lie?

Sixteen-year-old Orion is about to find out, as his world is thrown into turmoil. When he learns that the stars are his home and that he is destined to rule over a kingdom.

His world is thrown into chaos as he must leave everything he knows behind; risking losing himself and his humanity to save magical races he never knew existed. With the help of his newfound companion, Orion must embark on a journey to dangerous new places and take on an unknown evil that seeks to take over his kingdom.

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I wanted to know what the crap was going on and why as soon as Orion had the weird dream, so needless to say I was kinda invested in the book after the first two chapter.

Oh. My. Macaroni. The world and plot were so interesting and unique and out there! New technology and things were introduced lots in the book, and they were rather cool.
I did really enjoy that part, but my favorite parts to read about were definitely the parts with Eymd (a freaking shadow warrior!!).

While I did like these things, I'm still a little conflicted on what I think of the rest of the book. There was Lawrence, and while I do like forgiveness and all- there was really no character redemption for him. Besides that, I noticed that while Orion did obviously have some things that happened to him or that he sacrificed things for others- a lot of the ''challenges'' were easily solved. Friend dying? Heal them with powers. Planets dying? Heal them with powers and make them real people.
That was all that I pretty much didn't enjoy a whole lot of.

SPOILERS!! I really wanted more mother-and-son development between Orion and his real mother, but I was very surprised with her being alive and I actually really liked that twist. It gave room for more plot twists that could show up later.

I'm torn between who I like with Orion better: Eymd or Rachel? I really liked Rachel and Orion's relationship from the beginning, but then I met Eymd and she was awesome!


So there were things that I didn't love, but you'll find that in pretty much every book. I really really liked the overall uniqueness though and OOH, THE ENDING!!!
I was so confused at first in the epilogue- because we'd just had that huge battle and then some crazy stuff happened.
And then... cue Cliffhanger that hooks you in like two sentences for the next book!

[My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐]

Thanks for reading!!
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  1. What was the world like? I see that it is sci-fi but what else does it entail?

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading

    1. So there were multiple worlds, and Orion basically is the heir to all of the ones in a specific galaxy- once he got off earth the world building is more about how his people live, how they're lives work, etc. It's more of a cultural world-building because he visited several planets. It was weird, but I liked how it described their technology and stuff. The problem was I could picture all of that, but I had a hard time actually picturing the place y'know?

      Does any of that make sense, or did I ramble?

  2. Thank you for such an awsome review. :)

  3. Nothing at all wrong with a good unique story. Hope the next book is even better!