Thursday, October 11, 2018

Literary Book Gifts | A Book Lover's Post

My lovelies! I'm back again!!

I have a second post for you guys this week on the blog, and this one is another special treat! This post is specifically for bookish things a book lover would want- which I discovered this week at Literary Book Gifts.

I was away for a few days and when I was gone I received an email from the designer of Literary Book Gifts (I actually spit my coffee out when I saw it I was so surprised and excited)! So I'll be doing a little review for you guys of the designs and her website!


Here's the link to the lovely website:

And Melissa (the designer and creator) even made a special promo code for you guys!! BOOKSANDCAFFEINE20 which is good for 20% off anything in the store, no minimum, and does not expire!

I tend to restrain myself when it comes to book merchandise because I know that I will make myself go broke. However, after being on the website for about five minutes I realized I wasn't checking it out or anything- I was adding up the prices of the products I wanted in my head and adding them to the cart which I would later empty.
(Talk about giving in and weak-willed? This is why I'm broke all the time- because I'm a coffee and book obsessed person!)

Now hear me out... okay, I have nothing besides that it was book-related, everything was pretty, and I had the money. BUT look at the pretty things!!

An Alice in Wonderland Book Tote!!! There were so many Classics and other book totes that looked fantastic, this is just one that I had been rather tempted to buy.

Edgar. Allen. Poe. You guys- my favorite poet (and this happened to be the first T-shirt I saw!)

FRANKENSTEIN, Y'all it's Frankenstein!! (Okay, I may be a little too excited about all the book merch and products, BUT they're pretty!!)

I wanna know how many of you guessed that the Pride and Prejudice T-Shirt would be on here?? Seeing as I LOVE Jane Austen and Classics and T-shirts, this shouldn't be a surprise- but it was to me.

I'm going to be honest, it's not very often that I find bookish gifts and such that I would actually want (unless we're talking Pinterest stuff, in that case- that's a different story). So when I found so many things that I wanted on Literary Book Gifts, I was very surprised. (You guys may not have, but I was.)

The website is super easy to navigate (which is very important) and you can pick the color and size of the shirts! It's a lazy Book Lover's paradise (are we still talking about me?)

Shout out to Melissa for all her awesome designs both on the products and the lovely website!

Now I need to restrain myself and decide between the Pride and Prejudice T-shirt or the Edgar Allen Poe T-shirt... Any help?

Check out Literary Book Gifts and let me know what you guys thought, I'd love to hear what your first impressions were of the bookish website and products!!

Thanks for reading Loves!!
~Noel <3


  1. Replies
    1. I know right?! These were my favorite ones from the website, but there's ton more on there that looked just as good!

  2. Book merchandise is hard to resist! :)

  3. It's the time year for gifts, so this is a perfectly timed post. I love bookish presents, too.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  4. "I tend to restrain myself when it comes to book merchandise because I know that I will make myself go broke." - That's a mood, Noel. 😂 If I didn't have bills to pay, my money would be GONE for the books. 😳 (Okay, not all of it - I'd still save but definitely a lot less restraint than right now.)

    1. Hahaha, yeah I try to be responsible- but it comes and goes LOL :D