Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Back 2 School Book Tag!

Ah, it feels so nice to just sit down for an hour or two with no one to bother me and just update the blog for you guys. Or read, or write- though it'll be gone far too quickly to get more than a few things done I'm sure.

I've got a quick book tag for y'all! I know I could've done it for my BookTube Channel, however I had quite a bit going on and was extremely lucky to get done as many as I did. I also have lots of videos to do still, so it'll be easier to just do a blog post honestly!

Some of us are in school, some of us are in college- or going to be, and some of us are so glad we don't have to do that crap anymore (though sometimes do miss it).
This is going to be the BACK TO SCHOOL BOOK TAG!!

First, I was tagged by the awesome Abigail @ What Makes A Good Book so thank you very much Abigail!

1. Fresh new outfit —Book with best dressed characters

I had to pick the Ruby Red trilogy by Keirsten Gier- it's freaking time travel of course the fashion was awesome!

2. New science partner— new scifi book you want to read

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline- my brother bought the book for us to read but we still haven't read it yet...

3. Fav teacher — book with a great mentor

Ooh too many options! But wasn't Tobias Eaton a mentor for at least a little bit for Tris? (In Divergent.) :D

4. New supplies — favorite new reading or writing accessories

I don't have any of these unless we are counting normal bookshelves...

5. Old friends — book you want to re-read

Ah yes! Caraval by Stephanie Garber,  I also plan to read the sequel, Legendary, once I re-read it.

6. Ready for jumper weather— book featuring cold weather

Hmm, this was actually a hard one to narrow down believe it or not. I settled with Of Enemies and Endings by Shelby Bach (the last book in the Ever Afters series.)

7. Open house— book that made a memorable (good or bad) first impression

The Sisters Grimm by Micheal Buckley. Too good for words.

8. Too early for this — book you would get out of bed for

Basically any of my all-time favorite books/series, but if I had to list at least a major one- Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. There were several times where I actually set an alarm so I could wake up earlier and read more of one of the books.

9. The textbook costs HOW much?? — Book you spent too much money on

Ready Player One. It was so expensive just to buy a copy that didn't have the stupid movie-adaption covers!

10. Best school in literature you want to attend

I thought about it a lot. Of course we all know the obvious choice, but I like to do more unpopular things instead.
Which fictional school would I attend?
The only answer for me was Ever After School from the Ever Afters series by Shelby Bach. Freaking Fairytale characters in training- epicness all around! (And middle grade too!)

I tag whoever would like to do this tag!

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day my friends!! <3
~Books with Noel


  1. Fun book tag! Some of these books I need to read still. So many books to choose from, it's hard sometimes to decide what to start!

    1. Yes! Especially when you have so many that you really really want to read!

  2. You always find interesting book tags! It's been years since I was in school. There are things that I miss, but a lot that I don't!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  3. What a fun tag! I loved your answers.

  4. Cute tag. I know it’s cliché and obvious, but I’d love to attend Hogwarts. Best fictional school ever. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. This is a great tag, a good way to find a silver lining to going back to school.

    I hope that you like Ready Player One! I am not really into video games, but I still really enjoyed it (as well as the movie, but the books was obviously better).

    Also, I completely agree with you about the Ruby Red trilogy. Not a lot of other people have read it, so I am glad to hear that you liked them! All of the covers are absolutely gorgeous and I would kill to own one of those dresses!

    Tessa @ Crazy for YA

    1. YASSS!!! I haven't met anyone else who has read that series yet!! It's sooo good! (Except for those wigs, remember that part?)