Friday, July 13, 2018

The Empress by S. J. Kincaid

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The sequel to The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid, published in 2017 and just as amazing and touching as the first book.

The first book was a total 5 stars, and I LOVED it to pieces. However as much as I enjoyed this book and also loved it, I rated it 4 stars. (Though I'm thinking of changing that to 4.5 stars.)

  Synopsis: It’s a new day in the Empire. Tyrus has ascended to the throne with Nemesis by his side and now they can find a new way forward—one where they don’t have to hide or scheme or kill. One where creatures like Nemesis will be given worth and recognition, where science and information can be shared with everyone and not just the elite.

But having power isn’t the same thing as keeping it, and change isn’t always welcome. The ruling class, the Grandiloquy, has held control over planets and systems for centuries—and they are plotting to stop this teenage Emperor and Nemesis, who is considered nothing more than a creature and certainly not worthy of being Empress.

Nemesis will protect Tyrus at any cost. He is the love of her life, and they are partners in this new beginning. But she cannot protect him by being the killing machine she once was. She will have to prove the humanity that she’s found inside herself to the whole Empire—or she and Tyrus may lose more than just the throne. But if proving her humanity means that she and Tyrus must do inhuman things, is the fight worth the cost of winning it?

 First, I loved Nemesis a lot more in this book. She is flawed, but you also understand how she thinks and reached certain conclusions. Which just means you cry all the more at certain points. 

As always, I adored Nemesis and Tyrus. And certain side characters I was worried about made another appearance.

If there were any questions left unanswered or anything about the world-building S. J. Kincaid did in the first book, it was definitely answered in this book.

I cried so hard (and still tear up) because of the ending of The Empress. It was very heartfelt, and the author did an amazing job making it reach her readers. 
However, that does not mean I am okay with the ending.
By any means.

Things definietly escalated in this book, and the stakes were raised for our protagonist. And not even the readers will come out without tears or horrified expressions.

After reading this, I literally had to pause- set the book down, and just sit there. The only thing I could think of was,''What the bloody heck just happened?"

Did I really just read that? 

Yes, the anwer is yes. Unless you're still in denial after reading The Empress. I actually just came out of my shell of denial in the first time in a week.

Now I do still feel like The Diabolic ended perfectly, and the only thing holding me back from rating book two with 5 stars, is that heart-wrenching ending scene.

The good news though, is we definitely know we're getting another book. (It's still untitled, but it's scheduled for this year.)

I just don't know if I can let myself hope everything will be alright after reading The Empress.

[MY RATING: 🌟🌟🌟🌟]

Thanks for reading!!
~Books with Noel

P. S. Have you read it yet? Did you like it? Did you like The Diabolic of The Empress better?? 

P. P. S. I had to get this post out quicker than I realized, as I had a YouTube video to upload at the same time as this. The video is two Book Talks in one- Warcross (already reviewed on my blog) and The Empress.


  1. Wow the cover of this book is GORGEOUS. I've never heard of this series until now. Thanks for putting it in my radar and great review as always!

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading

    1. The Diabolic is book 1, and I LOVE it! Though be warned, there is a bit of Instant Love but it wasn't that bad to me.