Monday, July 2, 2018

The Cursed Girl by Maria Vermisoglou

I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. This does not in any way affect my rating or review.

Title: The Cursed Girl

Auhtor: Maria Vermisoglou

Genre: I'm not sure...?

Synopsis:   Sixteen-year-old Eva is a witch who lived in Spain, in the year 1230. She met a boy named Jonathan who would become her whole world. Everything was normal until she was faced with challenges that will change her life forever. 
   As a healer, her job is to help people, but there are forces that will try to prevent that. There is a war coming and Eva and her friends must do everything they can to survive. 
  Can they fight their way against the dark forces that are surrounding them? Her wits and inner strength helped everyone who encircled her to survive but will she be able to survive herself? 
  Supernatural creatures, royal backstabbing and many more await you in this thrilling novel that will take your breath away.

 I really liked the idea behind the novel and story, though throughout The Cursed Girl I felt rather confused.
There was so much in this book, and the pacing felt off to me... I don't know what to think honestly. I really wish I could have liked it more, but there were several things that bothered me throughout.

Let's start with the world; I was very interested in the White Land versus earth and how it was described throughout the book.  However I got very confused with subjects pertaining to it, I remember reading something that was contradicted later in the book. For instance, in the prologue it says that Eva is a princess of the witches but throughout the rest of the book that's not true...
 Then there's the kingdoms on earth. There was a lot of travel through the middle of the book, and we meet lots of other characters and discover dangers everywhere with Eva and others.  
I am still actually rather curious about the White Land. But who wouldn't want to know every single little detail about another world for witches?

Onto the plot and characters... I was actually even more confused about the plot and characters. Especially the romance. I wanted Eva to be with her love interest from the very beginning, but several times throughout the book she would decide to give him a chance or admit to liking him more than a friend- and then she would say she hated him, be rude to him, completely change her mind and decide she no longer knew what she felt, etc.
And the only character that I could actually connect with was either Ritta or Johnathan, and I didn't connect a whole lot with either of them.

So why did I rate it almost 3 stars? 

Well, like I said, I liked the idea of the story and the backstory that the White Land had that was mentioned a few times. And plus, it's witches. Eva and her love interest were very frustrating, but I thought he was adorable most of the time. And there were very funny parts, and a lot of adventures that Eva had throughout the book.
And honestly everything was ending rather nicely until that last chapter.

I was happy with the ending, even though I wanted more, but then I was hit by a arrow of pain in the very last chapter, and I actually cried. And then I was not okay with the ending by any means. Gotta say, I did not predict that tragedy...

[My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 2.5 stars]

It was an interesting read, but there was just so many things that confused me. A unique story of witches and romance, just a bit conflicting.

Thanks for reading!!
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  1. I only made it 50 pages in before giving up. I want to like it. The premise is great. But it just rambles so much, and the constant breaks in the fourth wall are very irritating.

    The character development is weak as well. I'm not feeling romance, it's just too contradictory, and yes, Eva is quite rude.

    1. Confusion from all the conflicting things in the book were the only things clear things I can recall now. I was rather disappointed.