Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hufflepuff ReadAThon announcement + TBR

Hey guys, so in honor of my Hogwarts house, I'm going to co-host a readathon with my friend Desara
But anyone can join, you don't have to be a Hufflepuff to participate! :)

To participate, just use the tag #HufflepuffReadAThon

And make sure to have fun!

The HufflepuffReadAThon will start July 21st, and end July 28th.

Onto the Reading Challenges!!

1.  Read a book with flowers on the cover

The Hufflepuff house is associated with the element of earth, so why not read a book with flowers or plants on it?  

2. Read a book that you waited forever to get your hands on

As Hufflepuffs value patience, why don't you read a book you've been very patient for? You deserve it!  

3. Finish a book that you meant to a long time ago

How about we show our dedication, hard work, and loyalty through finishing a book we started a long time ago?

4. Read a book with both yellow and black on the cover

The Hufflepuff signature colors! Show our Hufflepuff pride!

5.  Read a book where a animal plays a important role

Well, the Hufflepuff emblematic animal is a Badger... but do you know how hard it would be to find a book that has a badger on it?

Now for my TBR for the reading challenges!

1. Champion by Marie Lu
I'm pretty sure that's a rose on the cover, but I really need to read this book so I'm going to read it for this challenge.
2. Heartless by Marissa Meyer
I have waited literally forever to get my hands on even a library copy of this book, so I am SO excited to read it!
3. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
So I did actually start Three Dark Crowns once, but I only got to page 3...
4.Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller
Well...the title is black, and there is both yellow and green on the cover (which is gorgeous BTW).
5. Ice by Sarah Beth Durst

What are you going to read? What is your Hogwarts house?

Thanks for reading!! Hope you can join in!
~Books with Noel


  1. This sounds like a really awesome challenge!
    I'm Hufflepuff but feel more like Ravenclaw... (I'm so conflicted. lol)

    I may try this challenge but sadly it'll have to be later. :'(

    -Ash (Reviews of a FearStreetZombie)

    1. That's fine! I'm more Hufflepuff, but Ravenclaw is my second house Lol.

  2. Omg Three Dark Crowns is so good!!! It’s suspenseful and beautifully written. I hope you get farther in it this time!

    1. I hope so to! I've heard only good things about it so far :)

  3. This sounds amazing!

    Not sure I could participate on the exact dates though but I think I'll probably have a go at some point:)

    1. That's fine! I hope it's a lot of fun, I based the challenges after the traits for Hufflepuff :)

  4. This is a cute read-a-thon! I wish you the best of luck on completing it :)!

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading

    1. Thank you! :D I hope to get a lot of reading done!