Friday, April 13, 2018

Spring Cleaning Book Tag

Hey guys! So this is going to be my first Book Tag!!

Abigail from What Makes A Good Book, tagged me- so I've got some bookish questions to answer! (You'll find a link to her post, the Spring Cleaning Book Tag, here:

And now for the questions!

1. The Struggle of getting started: a book/book series that you have struggled to begin because of it's size.

Okay, this one was harder for me because I have all different kinds of reasons for why getting into a book or series is hard for me. Usually size doesn't bother me, but I would definitely have to say the Beautiful Creatures series. It took me years to work up the guts to actually pick up book one-  which I'll admit I loved with flying colors. However, now I'm finding trouble picking up book three as I'm worried what'll happen in the series. (Though book one was perfection.)

2. Cleaning out the wardrobe: A book/series you want to unhaul.

Okay for this one, I actually don't have one. I already got rid of the books I no longer wanted (which wasn't that many). If there's a book I don't like- I don't buy it. 

3. Opening windows and letting fresh air in: A book that was refreshing.

For me, that was actually Warcross (which I will have a review for soon).
I read this for a readathon (the #AprilAThon) and it was one of my new top favorites this year.
I was not having a 'happy reading time' when this book came along, and was- BAM, ''You'll love rereading me over and over again."

4. Washing out sheet stains: A book you wish you could rewrite a certain scene in.

Holy crap, I've got a list.

1. The ending of Allegiant by Veronica Roth (You know which scene)
2. Fred's death in Harry Potter
3. Finnick's death in Mockingjay
(There's obviously more, but I can't spoil everything in the book community.)

5. Throwing out necessary knick-knack: A book in a series that you didn't think was necessary.

Don't hate me; but this book really felt unnecessary, and just full of self-pity dates for the protagonist to me. 

6. Polishing the doorknobs: A book that had a clean finish.
You know, I can't say that I've read a lot of book with clean finishes- in my opinion. There's almost always something that turns it into a series- even if it didn't need it at all!

7. Reaching to dust the fan: A book that tried too hard to relieve a certain message.
Um, good question. I have no idea- I don't think I've ever even accidently come across a book like that. Though I've heard complaints about a few like that, I've never personally read one.

8.  The tiring yet satisfying finish of spring cleaning: A series that was tiring yet satisfying to read through.

I'd have to say the Red Queen series, now that I'm finally caught up (since book 4 comes out this year).
Book one was amazing, book two sucked, and book three was...equal to book one.
So it was constantly a up and down cycle for this series (making it quite tiring), but it did have lots of good parts.

9. Looking forward to next spring: Tag 4 people that you want to do this tag!

                                     Desara @D. Books and Reviews

                                      Elle @Keep on Reading
                                (I don't know who else to tag....)

P. S. This tag will count towards one of my Blogging Challenges in the #WordForWord readathon! :D Yayy!!!

Thanks for reading!!
~Books With Noel


  1. Great post Noel! Thank you for the tag. I'll post mine up as soon as I get the chance :)

    1. Thank you! I don't know that many bloggers yet, so I didn't tag as many as I was supposed to.