Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Literary Confessions

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Hey guys! My friend Elle did a blog post about her Literary Confessions, and I thought it was really cool so I'm gonna do my own literary confessions!

So here are some bookish things about me that you may or may not know!! (I'm leaning more towards the 'Don't already know'.)

[First Confession] I dog ear my books

I know, I know- It damages the book, it's criminal, it's horrible- I should use a bookmark. Believe me, I've heard all of this before. Thing is, I've tried using book marks, but i just can't! They fall out so easily, and whenever I use them I end up having to just memorize the page number I was on. Which gets old real quick.

[Second Confession] I have a Love/Hate relationship with the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer.

I know a lot of people that hate this series, and I know a lot of people that love this series. I am both my friends. Don't hate me!
I did reread these books and rewatch the movies for years- but I can only take so much of a wimpy protagonist that makes the stupidest decisions. Bella was my only complaint really, I loved how it was written, the vampires were so interesting and complex.
So I both hate and love this series.

[Third Confession] I read more than one book at a time (sometimes).

Sometimes, I will just read one book at a time- and reread it for days afterwards (or even just certain parts). But usually, I read several books at once. But that does not mean that I bounce back and forth between three in one day.

[Fourth Confession] I have never read a contemporary novel. 

This is very, shockingly true folks. But I do plan to fix that soon!

[Fifth Confession] I sometimes test out books on my brother before I read them. 

Yep, When I'm busy in the middle of reading something- or if I'm too scared to try this new book, I tell my brother to let me know if it was good or if I wouldn't like it. Believe it or not, my brother understands my bookish weirdness better than anyone else, thus he knows exactly what I do or don't like in a book. But he doesn't spoil, unless it's something he knows would tip whether I pick it up or not.

[Sixth Confession] I have never read any of Casandra Clare's books. 

Yeah... I recently bought City of Bones though, so I will be fixing that soon as well. But I can't make any promises on whether I'll like it enough to read her other books.

[Seventh Confession] I love Poetry as much as a regular book.

That's probably weird to some of you, but I love poetry a lot- and am even putting together a book of my own poems to self-publish!

[Eighth Confession] I sometimes binge watch an Anime instead of reading a book.

I don't feel guilty whatsoever either.

[Ninth Confession] It usually takes me forever to finish reading a book series. 

Ugh, especially when it's a trilogy- don't ask. But for some reason trilogies are so hard for me to force myself to finish.

[Tenth Confession] I can read two (sometimes three) books in one day. 

It's true! But there's also those books that take me 3-5 days to finish.

[Eleventh Confession] I don't like to buy books from Barnes and Noble. 

I use to buy from Barnes and Noble, but I just can't afford them anymore. If I want a book- I'm going to have to go online or to a thrift store. As much as I love buying books in-store, they're to expensive for me.

And... that's it for me. Let me know in the comments what you think! Do you do any of these? Are any of these the opposite of you?

 Thanks for reading!!
~Books with Noel

P. S. Make sure to check out Elle's post! https://elleinked.blogspot.com/2018/04/my-literary-confessions.html


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me here Noel!

    I thought The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare was alright, but I LOVED The Infernal Devices series by her more.

    Its funny, my younger sister is the one that asks me to read a book first to see if I like it and then recommend it to her.

    Again, thank you and great post!

    1. Of course! Thank you!

      That is funny! My brother is older than me, but I actually asked him to try the Mortal Instruments series for me- and he said it was good so I bought the first book.