Wednesday, April 25, 2018

#CaffeineAThon readathon Announcement + TBR

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Hey guys! I got some exciting news, I'm going to be hosting a readathon!! (YAY!! )

It's so exciting!

Since it is my first time hosting, it's gonna be short and less stress-provoking. Just 4 reading challenges, and another challenge.

The CaffeineAThon is going to be from May 1st - 7th.

As always for readathons, I will have a TBR video on my YouTube Channel and a Wrap-Up video as well. Everything here on my blog will be on there as well, so you can follow along with either one you want :)

#CaffeineAThon Reading Challenges:

1. Read a book that you've heard nothing about.

2. Read a book that you recieved as a gift, but haven't read yet.

3. Read a book you picked out (or bought) because of the cover. 

4. Read a book that is popular- but you haven't read yet.

5. Drink Coffee (or tea) whenever you sit down to read a book.

Note: You do not have to strictly stick to these challenges, you can read whatever you want.
Also, you don't have to drink coffee or tea (you can drink water or whatever you want), the idea was just to drink something with caffeine- so coffee was the main choice.

My TBR for #CaffeineAThon:

1. Chill Factor by Sandra Brown

I got this from a friend awhile ago, but they didn't know anything about it. And for some reason, I never thought to look up what it was about... So here we are, a book I know nothing about Lol.

2. Orleans by Sherri L. Smith

I recieved this as a birthday present a couple years ago, and I did start it- but I never finished it (or even got far enough in).

3. The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky

I literally bought this book because of the cover, Lol :)

4. The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

I meant to read this for another readathon awhile ago- and I had started it. But I only got 6 pages in, and I really want to finish it.
Plus it fits the reading challenge.

Anyone can join the readathon, feel free to participate!! :)

I just ask that you use the hashtag: #CaffeineAThon on your blog or videos (whichever you do) so that I can find it please.

Also, you guys can read as many books as you want, I just did 4 reading challenges so that it'd be easier :)

Thanks for reading!!
~Books with Noel

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